2022-2027 NEWS

Using Spatial Analytics to Address Flooding and Contamination in Fence-line Communities. NIEHS 2024 Grantee Highlights, March 2024

Climate Vulnerability Index shows where action, resources are needed to address climate change threats, TAMU Vetmed News, October 2023

Superfund Research Center trainees share “One Health” Research Initiatives, TAMU Vetmed News, August 2023

Southwest Regional Superfund Summit Aims to Strengthen data science collaborations, training, VMBS News, August 2023

Ohio train derailment, clean-up resulted in high levels of some gases, study shows, ACS, July 2023

Superfund Trainees Receive Awards at the 2023 Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, March 2023

Texas A&M researchers provide data context after Ohio train derailment, The Eagle, March 2023

High levels of chemicals could pose long-term risks at Ohio train derailment site, researchers say, CNN, February 2023

New study: East Palestine air pollutants show possible long-term health concerns, Cleveland19.com, February 2023

Air around East Palestine still has high chemical levels — but risk isn’t ‘imminent,’ researchers say, Politico, February 2023

Toxic air pollutants in East Palestine could pose long-term risks, researchers say, The Washington Post, February 2023

Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon University researchers air testing with mobile lab in East Palestine, Ohio, WKBN.com, February 2023

Texas A&M Postdoc Receives NIH Grant For Toxicology Research, Texas A&M VMBS Communications, February 2023

Dr. Alan Valdiviezo’s (former Project 4 Trainee) recent publication was featured in the NIEHS Environmental Factor Newsletter as a Paper of the Month, NIEHS Environmental Factor, February 2023

Many survivors still struggling 100 days after Hurricane Ian tore through Florida, WTSP.com, January 2023

Texas A&M, faith-based nonprofit to study water contamination in border ‘colonias’, Border Report Tour, January 2023

They Were Pregnant During a Climate Disaster. Do Their Children Carry the Scars?, City Limits, January 2023

“Safe Water Project” Launches to Research Colonias Drinking Water, ValleyCentral.com, January 2023

Strengthening Global Partnerships: Texas A&M Faculty Conduct Training Workshops In Taiwan, Texas A&M VMBS Communications, January 2023

Texas A&M Researchers Developing New Approach for Analyzing Chemical Mixtures, Texas A&M VMBS Communications, January 2023

A professor from Texas A&M University visited Chengda University to teach environmental disaster response analysis and assessment technology, (Originally in Mandarin Chinese) National Cheng Kung University, January 2023

Dr. Erin Baker’s (Project 1) paper on pine needle and PFAS was selected as one of the top 32 Papers of the Year, NIEHS Environmental Factor, December, 2022

Dr. Jennifer Horney (CEC) discusses the growing demand for help in communities devastated by severe weather and flooding, AccuWeather, December 2022

NIEHS Director tours Texas community, speaks at research center event, NIEHS Environmental Factor, December, 2022

RSV cases surging earlier than in previous years, Texas A&M Health Vital Record, November 2022

Dr. Galen Newman’s (CEC), book titled, “Landscape Architecture for Sea Level Rise: Innovative Global Solutions” designated as top 12 book of 2022, American Society of Landscape Architects, November 2022

Coming Soon: A Pollution Map That’s As Easy to Access As a Weather Forecast, D Magazine, November 2022

Community resilience talk kicks off SRP climate change webinar series, Environmental Factor, November 2022

Calls to mental health helpline ‘skyrocket’ in wake of Hurricane Ian, AccuWeather, October 2022

Texas A&M Superfund Center Receives NIH Funding Renewal to Continue Research on Climate Change, Health, Texas A&M VMBS Communications. October 2022

‘Nothing’s left’: Hurricane Ian leaves emotional toll behind, Associated Press, October 2022

Gulf Research Program Awards $3.4 Million To Reduce the Burden of Disaster-Related Mental Health Consequences, National Academies, October 2022

Case Study Investigation (CSI): Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, Landscape Architecture Foundation. September 2022

Scholars to learn how climate change will affect future flooding patterns and Gulf Coast communities, Texas A&M University School of Architecture. September 2022

Resilience to Climate Change, NIEHS Superfund Research Program Science Digest, September 2022

Getting the Message Right: Why Effective Communication Matters More than Ever, University of Delaware Online Magazine. August 2022

Below the Waterlines: Houston After Hurricane Harvey, Houston Public Media. August 2022

From Decades to Days: Building Microbes that Eat Plastic Faster, Research @ Texas A&M. August 2022