Administrative & Research Translation Core

"Moving Discoveries and Research Tools into Practice"

The Administrative and Research Translation Core is the central hub for all activities of the Texas A&M University Superfund Research Center. It is organized around three key functions that will enable it to be an effective and nimble coordinator of the proposed research, outreach, training, and translation activities: (1) administration and fiscal management, (2) integration of cross-disciplinary disaster response research (DR2), and (3) outreach and research translation.

The Administrative & Research Translation Core is providing leadership and guidance to the Texas A&M University Superfund Research Center. It provides general Center management support, promotes cross-discipline interactions among all projects and cores, and facilitates research translation. The Core operates through regular Center-wide and project-specific meetings, tracks the productivity of the Center, develops future activities, and guides scientific innovation through a pilot project program. The Core also coordinates the Center’s disaster research response (DR2) activities, training, community engagement and outreach with input from two advisory committees.


Ivan Rusyn, Texas A&M University
Weihsueh Chiu, Texas A&M University

Specific aims:

  1. To provide effective administrative and fiscal management.
  2. To enable integration of cross-disciplinary DR2 research.
  3. To promote dissemination of the Center’s outputs to NIEHS and other stakeholders.
  4. Maintain and expand partnerships with government (local/state/Federal) agencies, NGOs, and community partners.
  5. Advance the practical application of Center’s DR2 research through technology transfer.