Big Data Session 3: Sept. 8, 2021

Big Data in Environmental Science and Toxicology is a 2021 seminar series from the Texas A&M Superfund Research Center (heading image with abstract networking graphic and hands on a laptop)

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Fred Wright
Fred Wright
Candice Brinkmeyer-Langford
Candice Brinkmeyer-Langford
Dillon Lloyd
Dillon Lloyd

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021 | 1:00–3:00 p.m. (Central US Time)
Fred Wright—North Carolina State University, Candice Brinkmeyer-Langford—Texas A&M University, and Dillon Lloyd—North Carolina State University

Zoom Details: Will be emailed to registrants on the morning of the session


This session will provide a tutorial on some of the most commonly used and useful aspects of Microsoft Excel, with examples that are relevant to bench scientists and environmental researchers. After a basic refresher, we will offer an overview of graphing and statistical analysis. We assume basic familiarity with Excel and cover some practical tips for interfacing with data scientists. 

  • The Basics
    • An Excel refresher: adding/reading data, etc.
    • Good naming practices
    • Working with functions
    • Working with lists
    • Pivot tables
    • Multiple worksheets
  • Functions & Charting
    • Using nested IF functions (COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF)
  • Charting Data in Excel
    • Basic graphs (e.g. bar charts, scatterplots)
    • 3D graphs
    • Stacked bar charts
    • Adding a secondary axis
    • Histograms
  • Statistics & Exporting Data
    • Linear regression
    • T-Tests
    • Analysis of variance
    • Exporting data from Excel and into R

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