Administrative Core 2017-2022

As the central hub for all of the Texas A&M University Superfund Research Center activities, the Administrative Core ensures seamless administrative and fiscal management, integrates research across many disciples, facilitates and maintains connections with stakeholders, and assures quality and reproducibility of the research in the center. Led by director Ivan Rusyn and associate director Anthony Knap, the administrative core provides leadership and guidance, assuring the excellence of the research, support, outreach, community engagement, translation, and training activities. This core also oversees the synthesis of findings and outputs from each research project and core in addressing the central theme of the center. It is physically located in the Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences at Texas A&M University in College Station.


Specific aims:

  1. Provide effective administrative and fiscal management and oversight of the Superfund Center’s organizational aspects, with input from the Scientific Steering Committee, and its operations, while conducting program planning and evaluation and assessment of the Superfund Center’s performance.
  2. Enable integration of cross-disciplinary research, promoting the effectiveness of our research, training, translation, and community engagement activities; monitoring integration, setting priorities, evaluating the effectiveness of the integration strategies; and making recommendations to the director for improvements and budget allocations.
  3. Promote dissemination of the Superfund Center’s outputs to diverse outside stakeholders, including results, models, computational and analytical tools, and decision frameworks into the stakeholder community.
  4. Ensure quality control of the Superfund Center’s research and other activities through a Quality Management Plan (QMP) that will guarantee that the center produces the highest quality results and enable reproducible research in accord with the latest best practices in the field and NIH policies.