Presentations 2017-2022

2017 NIEHS Superfund Research Group Meeting

a picture of Erin Baker's Poster Presentation
Novel Approaches for Rapid and Informative Exposure Analyses of Environmental Samples and Mixtures

A Picture of Meichen Wang's Poster Presentation
Development of Broad-Acting Entero-sorbet for Mitigation of Superfund Chemicals and Mixtures during Emergencies and Natural Disasters

A picture of Melis Onel's Poster Presentation
Optimization of Clustering Algorithms for Grouping of Complex Chemical Substances Based on Chemical and Biological Characteristics.

Picture of Krisa Camargo's Poster Presenation
Environmental Sampling Strategies for Disasters: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey Response.

Landscaping Presentations

The first page to Saima Musharrat's
Reclaiming Vacancies: A Community Revitalization and Resilience Strategy for work in Sunnyside, Tx